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L484 PILL: Uses, Side Effects & Warning


Capsule shaped L484 Pill is a regular painkiller with Acetaminophen 500 mg as an active ingredient. L484 Pill is used in the treatment and management of Fever, Backache, Headache and other mild to moderate pain condition.

Pill NameL484 Pill
ShapeCapsule like
Pregnancy CategoryPregnancy Category C

Key Facts of L484 Pill


L484 Pill will start its action after one hour of administration.

Consume L484 Pill after a meal to avoid any gastric side effects.

Acetaminophen is a choice of painkiller in pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers.

Do not take L484 Pill for more than 10 days unless it is recommended by the doctor.

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Who can and cannot take L484 Pill

  • L484 Pill is usually safe in the most of the people but still people with the following conditions should take precautions before start taking L484 Pill.
  • People who had an allergic response to Acetaminophen in the past.
  • People with history of alcohol or narcotic substance addiction.
  • Kidney or Liver disorder patients should consult doctor before consuming L484 Pill.
  • People who are on medications of Epilepsy & Tuberculosis.

Dosage of L484 Pill

Common dosage of L484 Pill is twice a day, with a maximum dosage of four doses of L484 Pill a day.

Always follow the dosing interval and instructions given by the prescriber as he is the right person for you to advise you on the use of L484 pill.

The recommended dosing interval for L484 Pill is minimum four hours, Considering the fact that effect of L484 Pill last for 6 to 8 hours, Maximum dosage interval for L848 Pill should be 8 hours.

What if i miss a dose of L484 Pill?

If you miss any dose of L484 Pill, Take it as soon as you remember it. However, If it is almost the time of the next dose then you should just skip the missed dose and continue with next dose.

Do not take a double dose to make up the missed dose as you might get overdose of L484 Pill.

If you forget doses often, Make a habit of taking pills on same time of the day so that you are less likely to miss any dose.

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What happens in overdose of L484 Pill?

Contact emergency helpline or 911 immediately if you feel any severe symptoms of L484 Pill.

Symptoms of l484 pill

Side effects of L484 Pill

Like other pills, L484 Pill also causes some common side effects in some percentage of people. Although they are very rare and may go on their own without any special treatment.

Common side effects of L484 Pill

  • Rash and Swelling due to an allergic response,
  • Flushing,
  • Low blood pressure,
  • Fast heartbeat,
  • Thrombocytopenia,

Talk to your local pharmacist or doctor if you feel any troublesome side effects after taking L484 Pill. Discontinue the use temporarily if you get severe side effects.

Breastfeeding & Pregnancy

L484 Pill can be taken while being pregnant. In fact, Paracetamol is the choice of analgesic used in the Pregnancy.

This pill can be taken by Pregnant & Nursing Mothers safely, Pill does not passes its drug through the milk or cause any harmful effects on fetus.

For more information, Talk to your doctor and pharmacist.

Drug Interaction of L484 Pill

Drug interaction can change the way L484 Pill works and may produce serious harmful effects. Inform your doctor about your ongoing medication including your nutritional supplements to avoid any further drug interaction.

Following is the list of drug which interact with L484 Pill:

  • Phenytoin,
  • Phenobarbital,
  • Carbamazepine,
  • Primidone,
  • Ketoconazole


  1. What kind of pill is l484 pill?

    Capsule shaped L484 Pill is a regular painkiller with Acetaminophen 500 mg as an active ingredient.

  2. What are the uses of l484 pill?

    L484 Pill is used in the treatment and management of Fever, Backache, Headache and other mild to moderate pain condition.

  3. Can i take l484 pill for longer duration?

    Do not take l484 pill for more than 10 days, Unless it is recommended by the prescribing doctor.

  4. When to take l484 pill?

    L484 pill should be taken after a meal to avoid severe gastric side effects.

  5. is it safe to consume l484 pill in pregnancy & breastfeeding?

    L484 pill is safe to be consumed in pregnancy and breastfeeding. In Fact, it is one of the recommended painkiller in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  6. Can i drink alcohol while taking l484 pill?

    No, drinking alcohol along with l484 pill consumption is prohibited as it may make you more dizzi and makes you feel more tired.

  7. Can i drive a vehicle after taking l484 pill?

    L484 pill can make you feel sleepy, dizzy & tired. In such cases driving of vehicle and operating any heavy machinery should be avoided until you feel normal.

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