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Headache: Causes, Symptoms, Home remedies & Medication

Headache is described as the occurrence of pain sensation in some parts of the head. Most of the time, headaches are not cause of serious concern and can be treated without any special treatment.

However, it is possible that there may be many serious and life-threatening conditions underlying the headache.

Identification and appropriate treatment of these dangerous conditions causing headaches are critical to prevent long-term disability or death. 

Types of headaches

Migraine Headache – Headaches associated with migraine attack is considered as migraine headache.

Sinus Headache – Usually headache is associated with Sinus related conditions like sinusitis is broadly described as sinus headache.

Cluster Headache – When pain in the head occurs in small clusters in different part of head, it is considered as cluster headache.

Tension Headache – As name suggest, this kind of headaches are often associated with stress and tension of daily life.

What causes headaches?

It is not fully understood that how does the headache occur. However, it is clear that human skull does not have tissues so it can’t send the pain signals. But blood vessels and tissue present in the neck are said to be responsible for signaling pain in the brain.

The scalp, sinuses, teeth, and muscles along with joints of the neck can also cause head pain.

When to worry about headaches?

Although most of headaches aren’t of serious concerns and may goes away with time. However, following is the list of situation where headaches may be of serious concern.

  • Unusual and severe headaches
  • Changes in behavior or mental function
  • Headache that becomes worse with time & movement
  • Occurrence of red eye along with headache
  • Pain in head upon normal head movement
  • Headaches with fever, runny nose and any other mental disorders
  • Headaches that comes up regularly after waking up frombed

Common triggers of headaches

  • Listening to loud music
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Consumption of medication
  • Having stress or tension in the body
  • Changes in weather
  • Fasting

Home remedies for headaches

1.Sip caffeinated drink

Caffeine is considered as a CNS stimulant and help to reduce the stress from the head. If you are having a headache and need quick relief get a cup of coffee or caffeinated drink.

Caffeine is said to improve mood and the alertness of mind, which can have a positive effect on mental conditions.

2.Try yoga

If you are having headaches regularly, try doing yoga as it can help you to reduce the pain along with stress. Yoga also improves the quality of life and have positive effect on your mental condition.

According to this study people who practiced yoga for three months had a significant reduction in headache frequency, severity and associated symptoms, compared to those who did not practice yoga.

3.Sip a cup of ginger tea

Fresh ginger is a heavy stock of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which can be used in the treatment of headache.

Add a small piece of ginger in your tea, take it twice a day and see the relief.

4.Have rest, Get some sleep

Sometimes not getting enough sleep can cause headaches, if you are staying up almost everyday you might end up getting severe headache.

For maximum benefits, aim for the “sweet spot” of seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

5.Stay hydrated

Inadequate water in the body may have various negative effects on the body including headache.

In fact, it is noted in many researches that dehydration is a common cause of tension headaches and migraines

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