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Chupa Panza Pills Reviews – Read this before you buy

chupa panza tea reviews

Chupa Panza is an trending and rising brand for weight loss dietary supplements, Considering its popularity and request from our various readers we are writing an article dedicated to Chupa Panza pills reviews.

In this article of Chupa Panza pills reviews we are mainly focusing on what people saying about it, Ingredients & its effectiveness.

CHUPA Panza Ginger (Pineapple + Ginger) Tea Reviews

No doubt, This is one of the most popular product which is sold under brand name of CHUPA PANZA.

Chupa Panza Ginger Tea contains uses premium herbs and tea leaves to provide aid to lose the weight.

This tea is marketed as a simple detox tea which can help to lose weight rapidly. It works best When it is combined with low caloric diet and regular workout workout.


  • Unique blend of herbs
  • Aides weight loss process
  • Detox your gut
  • Helps fire up metabolism
  • non-GMO, Gluten & Sugar Free
  • Keto friendly


  • Cramping in some peoples
  • Lack of scientific evidences

Reviews from customers

I highly recommend this product. 100% plus at the beginning I did feel some cramping but I have felt at ease as I used the product at night I take it cold. My tummy has gone down since I started I’m enjoying every bag. The taste is really not bad at all. I will be buying another box soon. Seen a big difference in 3 weeks. Thank you Chupa panza😘

Sandi Barrera

Really like this tea- I like how compared to many other detox teas I have tried before I hardly get any stomach pains and i went to the bathroom 2-3 times and I feel like it did it’s job.

FYI – takes out all gas 💨 in your system.

stephanie c.

So thankful for a girl on tiktok who posted her story on there, this tea really works I started Sunday and its Thursday. I was 301. Now I’m 295 thats a big difference in few days. All I changed was my portion size of food eat breakfast small like fist portion and I added protein shake I needed protein and thats it 1bag of tea every night 1cup for better results half of cup 1tea bag thank me later

Maria Ahumada

Chupa Panza Normal Pills Reviews


Chupa Panza is an 100% natural pill, Reduces the fats accumulation in the body by avoiding the accumulation of sugars and fats that are taken in daily food. 

Chupa Panza normal contains Ginger and Spirulina as one of the main ingredients. Both agents are said to be proven in weight loss.

Effect of spirulina on weight loss

According to this study, Spirulina works by reducing macrophages infiltration into visceral fat, prevention of hepatic fat accumulation, reduction in oxidative stress, improvement in insulin sensitivity and satiety.

Effect of ginger on weight loss

Ginger has also shown weight loss mechanism in the study, It does this by regulating lipid metabolism through stimulation of lipolytic pathways and downregulation of lipogenic pathways.


  • Easy to take
  • 100% natural formulation
  • Unique & Premium herbs
  • Scientifically effective
  • Helps in constipation and gut detox


  • Quality of capsule is not very good
  • Many similar fake products available
  • Taste bad

Customer Reviews

This product is amazing, I see the results fast, I already loose all my belly fat

Maria calleja

I like it worked very well from the first days of consumption finally found something really worked for me.


I did like the product on the first day I used it saw that it did work. It work good for me will b ordering in the future


I took one pill every evening for a month and lost 13 lbs.

Chelsea bales

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does chupa panza work?

    Chupa Panza contains Ginger and Spirulina as one of the active ingredients. They works by stopping accumulation of fats inside body.

  2. is chupa panza safe?

    Chupa Panza is considered safe if consumed in recommended dose.

  3. Where can i buy chupa panza tea?

    You can buy Chupa Panza tea directly from the

  4. Does chupa panza work?

    Yes, Chupa Panza work if taken for recommended duration and recommended dose.

  5. How to drink chupa panza tea?

    To make chupa panza drink, Take 65 degree hot water in a cup, Then dip chupa panza tea bag for 3 to 5 minutes then your tea will be ready.

  6. How to use chupa panza gel?

    Apply Chupa Panza gel on the area where you want to lose the fat. Apply it with gently rubbing and in a circular motion.

  7. What is chupa panza?

    Chupa Panza is an well established brand which mainly deals with product related with weight loss.

  8. When to drink chupa panza tea?

    It is recommended to drink chupa panza tea before breakfast and in the evening snack time.

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