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R039 Yellow Bar Shaped Pill: Uses, Dosage

R039 Yellow Bar Shaped Pill:

ro39 yellow pill is recognized as Alprazolam 2mg pill used in the treatment and management of anxiety, agoraphobia, and panic disorders.

ro39 pill belongs to the class of benzodiazepines, which could cause trouble if used in the absence of medical advice.

It can result in excessive sedation, collapse, and overdose in the short term.

It can cause physical dependence and extreme withdrawal symptoms after stopping or reducing the use after long-term use.

Pill Namero39
Active IngredientAlprazolam
Drug ClassBenzodiazepine
AvailabilityPrescription Only
Pregnancy CategoryD
About r039 pill

Key Facts of ro39 Pill

r039 pill
r039 pill
  • Consuming alcohol and other addictive substances along with the ro39 pill can increase the chance of harm.
  • ro39 pill works by enhancing synaptic inhibition mediated by GABA. These actions could cause effectiveness in the treatment of anxiety disorders and panic disorder.
  • ro39 is addictive in nature and should be used cautiously under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Sleepiness, Dizziness, Constipation & Headaches are the most common side effects of the ro39 pill.

R039 Pill Dosage

The usual adult dose of ro39 pill is a single pill twice a day. But your doctor may provide you with different doses depending on your condition and response to treatment.

What if i miss any dose of ro39 pill?

Take it as soon as you remember it; and However, if it is almost time for the next dose, you should skip the missed dose and continue with the upcoming dose.

Never take a double dose of ro39 to make up the missed dose, as it may land you in the situation of overdosage.

What if i take too much of ro39?

Contact nearby poison control center or 911 immediately if you take too much of ro39 pill as it may cause you severe side effects.

Symptoms of ro39 pill

  • Confusion,
  • Impaired Coordination,
  • Diminished Reflexes,
  • Coma and Death. 

Give patient activated charcoal to remove unabsorbed drug and provide him with supportive treatment.


Allergic Reaction: People with history of allergic response to any of the ingredients of ro39 pill should demand doctor for alternate medication.

Pregnancy: Pregnant women should not take this pill unless it is recommended by the doctor.

Kidney & Liver Disease: Patient with liver and kidney disease should consult doctor before starting ro39 pill.

Alcohol: It is advised to completely avoid alcohol or any other addictive substance as it may increases severe headache.

CNS Disorders: Patients with depression, suicidal tendencies, psychiatric or personality disorder should be supervised while taking this pill.

Nursing Mothers: Do not consume ro39 pill unless it is recommended by the doctor.

Side Effects of ro39

Like all other pills ro39 also causes some mild to moderate side effects. Although they are very rare and most of the people don’t even get it.

Common Side effects of ro39

However, You should talk to your doctor if your side effects doesn’t go away within a day or become troublesome.

How to store ro39 pill

It is advised to store ro39 pill in the airtight container that comes with it. Keep it away from the direct sunlight, moisture, children and pets.

In case of expired pill, you should contact your local pharmacist about pill recycle program or safe disposal of it.

Drug interaction of ro39 pill

Drug interaction can change the way ro39 pill works. It may produce some undesired side effects. Following is the list of the drug which interact with ro39 pill.

  • Nefazodone,
  • Fluvoxamine,
  • Cimetidine,
  • Fluoxetine,
  • Propoxyphene,
  • Sertraline,
  • Paroxetine,
  • Diltiazem,
  • Isoniazid,
  • Erythromycin,
  • Clarithromycin,
  • Troleandomycin,
  • Ritonavir,
  • Carbamazepine,

Also inform your doctor about your current medications including nutritional and herbal supplements to avoid ro39 pill.

Other information of ro39 pill

Absorption: ro39 pill is readily absorbed from the stomach.

Distribution: ro39 pill effectively crosses placenta and enters breast milk.

Metabolism: ro39 pill is extensively metabolized in the liver.

Excretion: ro39 pill is mainly excreted by the urine.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

ro39 pill is the pregnancy category D drug and usually not recommended during the pregnancy as it may cause serious harm to the unborn child.

Nursing mothers also advised to not to take ro39 pill as it may get passed into the breast milk.


  1. What is ro39 pill?

    ro39 yellow pill is recognized as Alprazolam 2mg pill used in the treatment and management of anxiety, agoraphobia, and panic disorders.

  2. How does ro39 pill works?

    ro39 pill works by stabilizing the neurons and excitement of the patient and bringing him down to ground level.

  3. Is it safe to drive a vehicle after taking ro39 pill?

    ro39 pill is said to cause dizziness and sleepiness which may cause trouble in driving or operating any heavy machinery.

  4. Can we take ro39 pill for longer duration?

    No, it is not recommended to take ro39 pill for more than 10 days as it might give you severe addiction.

  5. What are common side effects of ro39 pill?

    Constipation, Headache, Sleepiness are the most common side effects of ro39 pill.

  6. How to take ro39 pill?

    It is advised to take ro39 pill after a meal to avoid the the gastric side effects.

  7. is ro39 pill addictive in nature?

    Yes, if not used in the prescribed manner ro39 pill may cause some severe side effects.

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