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T27 Pill (White/Elliptical)

T27 Pill

T27 Pill (White/Elliptical) Pill Identification

T27 pill is a white, elliptical-shaped pill that contains Carbamazepine (Chewable) 200 mg. Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. markets this medication, commonly used to treat various types of seizures, including partial and generalized tonic-clonic seizures.

Carbamazepine works by stabilizing the electrical activity in the brain, which can help prevent seizures.

While the T27 pill is generally considered safe and effective for treating seizures, it may cause side effects in some patients. Common side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, and vomiting.

More serious side effects may include skin rashes, liver problems, and blood disorders. Patients who experience these symptoms should contact their doctor immediately.

Following the dosage instructions your doctor or pharmacist-provided is important when taking the T27 pill. Taking too much of the medication can increase the risk of side effects, while taking too little may not provide adequate seizure control. Patients should also be aware of any potential drug interactions with other medications they may be taking.

Overall, the T27 pill can be an effective treatment option for individuals with seizures, but it is important to understand this medication’s potential risks and side effects.

Patients should always consult with their doctor or pharmacist before starting or changing their medication regimen.


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