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Guide to Myrkl Pill, How it works and Where to buy

myrkl hangover pills

The brand new “Myrkl” hangover prevention pill promises to reduce the negative effects of excessive drinking and leave moderate drinkers feeling refreshed the next day.

The Myrkl hangover pills contain L-Cysteine, bacteria, and B12 that will activate in your digestive tract before the liver absorbs the alcohol.

The alcohol is broken into carbon dioxide. No-to-low Acetaldehyde and Acetic acid is made in the liver.

According to the producer, “up 70 percent of the alcohol can be broken down within 60 minutes.”

To get the most effects, alcohol drinkers need to consume two tablets at a minimum of two hours prior to drinking alcohol.

Myrkl claims: “Food supplements are intended to complement the diet but are not meant to replace the need for a varied diet or an active lifestyle.

The Myrkl hangover preventative pill is available for purchase on A 30-tablet box costs £30.

The pills are available and will be shipped within 24 hours.

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