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Everything you need to learn about Intra Uterine Devices (most effective birth control)

Everything you need to learn about Intra Uterine Devices

For long-lasting, reliable contraception it’s tough to top an intrauterine device, for foolproof pregnancy protection. IUDs are a foolproof method of protecting yourself or your partner from pregnancy.

IUD can stay within the uterus for as long as 12 years, securing your body from unwanted pregnancy with over 100 percent effectiveness.

IUDs are secure and safe But do they come with a price?

What Are IUDs?

IUDs are Made from copper and/or plastic IUDs are semi-flexible T-shaped devices that are no larger than the size of a tiny sugar packet.

They’re placed by a gynecologist. They come with two strings to the bottom of the device, which allows for easier removal when it’s time to remove them.

It is important to remember that IUDs aren’t a protection from sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs), so it is still recommended to utilize condoms to safeguard you and your partner from infection in the course of sexual relations.

Is there a possibility of becoming pregnant through an IUD?

But the odds are slim, less than 1 percent, to be precise. It’s also an “set it and forget it” method of birth control, there’s no danger of taking it wrongly. There’s no needing to set alarms to remind you to use your birth control pill each day.

Cons of IUDs

One of the most significant cons However, is the flow you experience every month could be less steady and heavier.

Copper IUDs can trigger frequent cramps and heavy periods during the first six months.

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